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Trav McAvaddy

Shaper. Innovator. Bravura

Born in Northern Maine and raised in various east coast locations, Trav McAvaddy is a beauty and fashion photographer based in Des Moines. Imbued with the love of cinematography and storytelling, Trav’s work interweaves ethereal aesthetics with a slightly seductive art style, bringing unique visions of “painterly meets production value” to image making and fine art photography. 

Before photography, Trav worked as a hairstylist while continuing to get an education in graphic design and retouching. After several years behind the chair, Trav became the Art Director for VP Inc and the AVEDA Iowa Team, leading in photography and video production.


Trav is a rare hybrid of talent.

A Molotov cocktail of creative foresight and execution. He is also an Alumni of ‘Photography Mastered’ with British fashion photographer Nick Knight.

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